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Coin Magic Trick PDF Print E-mail
I just ordered a few new coin magic tricks from good 'ol I'm looking forward to their arrival and I'll be sure to update the product review here. Here were two of the coin effects that will be added shortly to my close-up arsenal.

SLAM - Coin Merge

coin magic tricks

SLAM is a coin merge illusion that looks like one step up from the Karate Coin. You borrow two coins and slam them together. The two coins are fused together and can be handed out immediately for examination. I'm always looking for the off beat coin magic trick that is different from the classic coins across, 3 Fly or simple coin vanishes. Check out the video demonstration of SLAM

Silver Dream by Justin Miller

coin magic trick dvd

I'm a fan of coin flourishes that vanish and reappear. They all stem from some inner child having coins plucked behind the ear. I liked the presentation of this routine and the independent vanishes look good. Ofcourse for walk-around magic, my go to trick still remains Ron Bauer's Gadabout Coins Revisited, but I'm looking forward to working with the Silver Dream DVD I'll be sure to update the post with my comments once they arrive in the mail!

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    Richard Jones is a favorite to win Britain’s Got Talent, but he hit a bit of a stumble on This Morning when performing a bit of card magic with hostess Holly Willoughby. His effect went off without a hitch technically, but many viewers spotted something off on social media, especially after a bit of rewinding. [...]
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    Tomorrow is the second annual US Red Nose Day. You can watch the special on NBC and still get involved by picking up your nose at Walgreens. Don’t just take our word for it… just ask Mr. Copperfield. Speaking of charities, ran across an article on the Brantford Expositor website about a magic show raising [...], Powered by Joomla! and designed by SiteGround web hosting