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Coin Magic Trick PDF Print E-mail
I just ordered a few new coin magic tricks from good 'ol Ellusionist.com I'm looking forward to their arrival and I'll be sure to update the product review here. Here were two of the coin effects that will be added shortly to my close-up arsenal.

SLAM - Coin Merge

coin magic tricks

SLAM is a coin merge illusion that looks like one step up from the Karate Coin. You borrow two coins and slam them together. The two coins are fused together and can be handed out immediately for examination. I'm always looking for the off beat coin magic trick that is different from the classic coins across, 3 Fly or simple coin vanishes. Check out the video demonstration of SLAM

Silver Dream by Justin Miller

coin magic trick dvd

I'm a fan of coin flourishes that vanish and reappear. They all stem from some inner child having coins plucked behind the ear. I liked the presentation of this routine and the independent vanishes look good. Ofcourse for walk-around magic, my go to trick still remains Ron Bauer's Gadabout Coins Revisited, but I'm looking forward to working with the Silver Dream DVD I'll be sure to update the post with my comments once they arrive in the mail!

Latest Magic News PDF Print E-mail
  • RIP Daryl
    As many of you have heard, Daryl has passed away. In respect to his friends and family we will not post the details surrounding his death, but rather remember his life. Post you favorite memories of Daryl in the comments.
  • Nash Fung And A Glass Of Wine
    If you have a wine from Sleight Of Hand Cellars how can you resist using it for magic? How? Nash Fung couldn’t and we don’t blame him! We’re coming up on a three day weekend here in the United States, so you may not hear from us again until Tuesday. Until then: have a safe [...]
  • Houdini’s Lost Escape?
    Danger Rope Hanging Escape from Jonathan David Bass on Vimeo. To entertain us on this Video Friday Jonathan David Bass presents this escape which, as you will hear, he maintains was found in Houdini’s papers after the great man died. You can learn more about Jonathan on his official website.
  • TV News, Bruce Lansbury Passes Away [Magic Bulletin]
    The video above is, as some of you will no doubt recognize, a montage of the three different openings used on the 1973 series The Magician, starring Bill Bixby. It followed Tony Blake, internationally famous and terribly successful stage illusionist, as he solved crimes either from his jet or his bachelor pad at the Magic [...]
  • Harrison Greenbaum (Kinda) Has A New Special
    You may know Harrison Greenbaum from his Genii column or his TV appearances on shows such as Last Comic Standing. He sent us the first trailer from his new special What Just Happened? and, well, it is just a little bit different than other specials. First of all, it hasn’t actually been shot yet. Honestly, [...]
  • Feb Free Book, Awards, TV And Show News [Magic Bulletin]
    It is February, so there is a new book available to download for free in the Conjuring Arts Book Club. This month you can download a free, high quality PDF of The Memory Man by Datas. Originally published in 1932, Datas tells his life story and goes over his career performing an extraordinary memory act. [...]
  • A Little Vent Work With Neville King
    Okay… not sure exactly what is going on here. Neville King, English ventriloquist, is performing on a show called Good Old Days circa 1975. The audience in costumes is the part that has us confused!
  • The Passing Zone Is Playing With Knives
    It’s Friday and ’round iTricks Tower Midwest we are thinking let’s watch some of magic’s cousins… starting with juggling. So we went to see what was new from The Passing Zone. Instead of juggling they are offering up some knife throwing… but that is cool, too!
  • New Magic Nightclub, Dynamo, Houdini Conspiracies And More [Magic Bulletin]
    We are leading off today with my new favorite effect: Murray SawChuck makes bacon appear in this cooking themed video. I haven’t eaten in like a week… but bacon sounds good! The Hollywood Reporter takes a peek at the newest project from the Houston Brothers: a magic themed nightclub in LA. The National Student spoke [...]
  • Science, Tony The Tiger And Justin Flom…
    Justin posted this video, which he points out is sponsored by Kellogg’s (as if Tony the Tiger didn’t tip you off). He says not to try it at home, but I kind of think what is the point of owning a home if you can’t do stuff like this?
  • WordPress Resources at SiteGround
    WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their WP websites: Expert WordPress Hosting SiteGround provides superior WordPress hosting focused on speed, security and customer … Continue reading "WordPress Resources at SiteGround"

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