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Stackview and the Memorized Deck PDF Print E-mail
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Advice - Magic for Hobbyist
The memorized deck is a tool that should be in every magician's arsenal. Newbies and experienced Mem-Deck afficionados would benefit from Nick Pudar's FREE simulation tool called Stackview (http://www.stackview.com/)

StackView is a computer based simulation tool for magicians to explore and learn various aspects of controlling a stacked deck of cards. The software does not teach you any magician's principles; it is assumed that you are familiar with various card techniques, or that you have the resources to learn them elsewhere. It does however allow you to discover new possibilities with your card knowledge in a full featured simulation environment.

The program includes a wide variety of simulations and tests to help improve your Mem-Deck skills. If you are new to the Mem-Deck, StackView is an excellent tool to add to your magic tool kit. Whether you use a brute force method or a mnemonic approach to learn the Mem-Deck, StackView will help keep your mind in tune with Mem-Deck at a momment's notice. Be sure to check out Nick's Blog on Mem-Deck work at http://musings.stackview.com/


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