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Advice - Magic for Hobbyist

When you first dive into the world of Magic, you'll find thousands of books, videos, and resources on the web.  Below are just a few of the recommended books to get you started in the world of Magic.

Top 12 Favorite Magic Books
( as seen in Genii Magazine, August 2000)
12. The Amateur Magician's Handbook (Henry Hay)
11. Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic (Martin Garner)
10. The Books of Wonder, I and II (Tommy Wonder / Stephen Minch)
9. Magic and Showmanship (Henning Nelms)
8. The Trick Brain (Dariel Fitzkee)
7. New Modern Coin Magic (J.B. Bobo)
6. The Art of Astonishment, Vol I, II, and III (Paul Harris)
5. Tarbell Course in Magic (all eight volumes)
4. Greater Magic (John N. Hilliard)
3. Close Up Card Magic (Harry Lorayne)
2. Stars of Magic (Starke / Karger)
1. The Dai Vernon Book of Magic
  Other Suggested Readings  

1. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic - Mark Wilson
2. A Book of Magic for Young Magicians : The Secrets of Alkazar - Allan Zola Kronzek
This is one of the best books on handling Key Cards and has excellent presentations for common magic effects

3. The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne
4. Now you see it, now you don't Lesson in Sleight of Hand - Bill Tarr
5. Ron Bauer Private Study Series - Ron Bauer
If you are interested in studying strong magic that yields the exceptionally strong audience reactions, I highly recommend the Private Studies Series. See you magic dealer for more!

6. Magic for Dummies- David Pogue

7. L.I.N.T - Luka in New Tops - John Luka
The L.I.N.T Book is a must have for all close-up magicians! It contains a lot of great material from local Michigan Magicians (Milt Kort, Ron Bauer, John Luka)

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