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  • Behind The Scenes With Steve Barcellona
    Okay, I might be at iTricks Tower Midwest V2.0 outside of Kansas City, but I am still a St. Louis boy at heart (and legally, until I sell a house…). So it makes me very happy to keep up the “behind the scenes” theme we started with our last post and present a St. Louis [...]
  • What Is It Like To Be A BGT Winning Magician?
    This behind the scenes video from Richard Jones, who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2016, will show you exactly what his life is like now! You can see more of Richard on his official website.
  • Travis Nye, The Great Nivelli And More [Magic Bulletin]
    We mentioned today’s lead off video yesterday but couldn’t re-post it here. Luckily, Travis Nye put his appearance on KDLT TV on YouTube so we can go ahead and show you the anchor’s hilarious reaction to a classic effect. See more of Travis over on his website. Lawyer George Khoury breaks down the elements of [...]
  • David Ben’s Magical Start
    David Ben is this month’s Genii cover boy so we decided to look for some of his clips on the ol’ YouTube. What we found was this video from a couple of months ago with him telling his “how I got started” story. See more of David on his website.
  • Joe Brogie Brings The Classy St Pat’s Magic
    Joe Brogie wants you to guess what he puked up on St. Patrick’s Day. That is the kind of classy magic you do at 1:30 AM on a drinking holiday, I guess… Catch more of Joe on his official website.
  • Magic On Local TV, Dealt And More [Magic Bulletin]
    First up today is Devin Henderson on KCTV’s Better KC from the other day. As I am still recovering from my recent hospitalization, I actually watched this when it was on live… ’cause it is on before Price Is Right. You can see more of Devin (who doesn’t bill himself as a magician, by the [...]
  • Jason Bird’s High Tech New Assistant
    Drone Stab from Jason Bird on Vimeo. This new video from Jason Bird shows an effect he created with Dallas Fueston which they titled (at least in the video) Drone Stab. You an see more of Jason on his official website.
  • Jibrizy Launches New Web Show
    It looks like Jibrizy is going from randomly posted videos to trying to brand his YouTube stuff as a street magic show. He has Penguin on his side; check out the first episode and if you like it then visit his YouTube page.
  • TV Sitcom Magic, Cosentino, Houdini And More [Magic Bulletin]
    Today’s lead off video is a little long, but it is a long form interview by Neil Carousso with retired teacher turned full time magician Philip Levy. Stuff (at least the New Zealand version) had Cosentino on their Facebook for a live chat earlier today (way earlier if you are in North America like us) [...]
  • St. Patrick’s Day Goofiness With Murray SawChuck
    It is St. Patrick’s Day (which is at the very least a weekend event in my old neighborhood), so might as well learn some blarney from Murray SawChuck, right? The second one is a classic… but we usually did it at other people’s houses around Halloween with dark red!
  • WordPress Resources at SiteGround
    WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their WP websites: Expert WordPress Hosting SiteGround provides superior WordPress hosting focused on speed, security and customer … Continue reading "WordPress Resources at SiteGround"

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